2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Concept, Review

The new 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is special because it uses the clean fuel – hydrogen. The Japanese automaker, Honda seems to be convinced that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. It is now known that new Honda Clarity 2017 Fuel Cell will go into mass production. The car has received the best of efforts from the Honda engineers to become a practical solution to everyday commuting. Once it is released, it will face heavy competition from Toyota Mirai.

2017 Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity 2017 – FI

Exterior and interior details of 2017 Honda Clarity

The new 2017 Honda Clarity looks like a regular car. Its looks have been kept simple and realistic. In fact, some people are of the opinion that Clarity Fuel Cell is better looking than FCX Clarity. The grille dominates the front with its spaced mesh design. Thankfully, the bumper runs through it. Otherwise, the grille would have looked too large and cumbersome.

2017 Honda Clarity - Side View

Honda Clarity 2017 – Side View

In the middle of it is the Honda badge. The headlights have a mean look and they are bordered by a silver panel on top. The hood looks cool because of the soft bodylines. Around the rear, the tailgate is smaller in width; meaning, it leaves space on both sides. The taillights sit flush with the body and also encroach upon the tailgate.

2017 Honda Clarity - Interior

Honda Clarity 2017 – Interior

The interior design reflects a great taste of the Japanese auto manufacturer. Comfortable seats for 5 people and ample space make this car a good choice for those, who often travel with their families. The dashboard looks simple with its digital display and impressive screen offering infotainment. The windows are large and offer good visibility to driver and passengers.

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Engine and Mileage

2017 Honda Clarity - Engine

Honda Clarity 2017 – Engine

Honda is an automaker from Japan and strongly believes in innovation. In FCX Clarity, the carmaker has used an improved version of fuel cell wherein the size of the cellblock has been reduced. Consequently, it has become smaller by 1/3rd of its original size. Now, the entire battery cellblock can be accommodated under the hood.

2017 Honda Clarity - Charging

Honda Clarity 2017 – Charging

Despite being smaller, its power has increased by 50%. The hydrogen tanks are housed under the rear seats. It takes close to 3 minutes to fill up the tanks. Once full, they will let you cover 435 miles. FCX Clarity Fuel Cell is capable of reaching 60mph in a span of 9.3 seconds.

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Price and release date of 2017 Honda Clarity

2017 Honda Clarity - Rear View

Honda Clarity 2017 – Rear View

Honda has been tight lipped about the price. However, going by its competitor, Toyota Mirai’s cost, which is $57,500, FCX Clarity should cost around this figure only. Be ready to see it for sale in the latter half of 2017.

Clean Fuel Cells: Honda Clarity 2017

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