2017 Honda Civic SI

With the passage of time, Sedan cars take a finest turn to present 2017 Honda Civic SI before the car lovers. There are eminent features and perfect shape cum style import the customer gladness while driving. Powerful engine along with sleek exterior enables the beauty of the car. The hottest car that looks so elegant and it is the tenth-generation Sedan that consist the enhanced safety features. The Honda’s current lineup is exactly matched with the Civic SI.

2017 - Honda Civic SI

2017 – Honda Civic SI

Exterior and Interior of 2017 Honda Civic SI

When speaking about the exterior, must speak feature is the wraparound taillight that gives extensive difference from the rest of the Sedans. The five-door hatchback is the recent change and upgraded spec allotted to the Honda Civic SI. The bonnet, headlights, wheels are at their best containing the finest features. The USA manufacturers designed the body and style with the perfect collaboration containing the luster and awesome pattern. Trunk volume is 11.7 feet which is optimum to the long trips too.

2017 -Honda Civic SI Interior

2017 -Honda Civic SI Interior

The 2017 Honda Civic SI looks so elegant to present the best beautiful interior with perfect interior. Honda’s latest concept cars that the audience are mostly waiting for as they impart the performance-oriented model. The finest version of seat covers, the coupe lets the passengers go a long way. Tough tires and consistent engine enhance the handsomeness of the sedan to a great extent. The interior amenities reach the perfection while the other features rearrange the sophisticated design  inside.

Rear View of 2017 - Honda Civic SI

Rear View of 2017 – Honda Civic SI

Engine and Mileage of Civic SI

The VTEC engine is fitted in the Civic SI and the 1.5 ltr setup rearranges the power of the engine. 192 lb-ft torque is promised in this model. 2017 Honda Civic SI gets the finest buyer reception as the car lovers are aware of the added features to the Sedan. All-new turbocharged engine to perpetuate the customer happiness in a different style The entry level VTEC engine is installed and it serves as the 2.0 ltr at the most. Super Sedan looking like the sports+ model giving ultimate experience in driving.

2017 - Honda Civic SI Engine

2017 – Honda Civic SI Engine

2017 Honda Civic SI  Price and Release Date

A wonderful Sedan with eminent features is shaped as 2017 Civic SI to exceed the expectations of the audience. Honda leaves the positive remark on the aspirants by releasing this model in the fall of the next year or the beginning of 2017. The price falls in $23,710 to $25,410.

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The car shoppers who wish to upgrade the version of the existing car are waiting for the release of brand new 2017 Honda Civic SI. It is a super car incorporating the best features from the well-established Honda.

2017 – Honda Civic SI – Youtube Video

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