2016 Honda S660 Specification

The new 2016 Honda S660 is from one of the most loved series of vehicles worldwide. The Japanese automaker knows very well what his consumer needs and makes vehicles to meet their expectations. Honda S660 is one of those vehicles that every person would love. It’s got elegance, good performance and comes with a decent price as well.

2016 Honda S660 - FI

Honda S660 2016

Interior and Exterior of 2016 Honda S660

On the inside, the new 2016 Honda S660 features two seats that will offer great comfort and lateral support, leather wrapped steering wheel, air conditioning and that’s about it. It is quite normal considering the class it belongs that the car will be appreciated and accepted. A later version might also be on cards but Honda has claimed nothing about it yet.

2016 Honda S660 - Interior

Honda S660 2016 – Interior

Exterior of the car is expected to be unique but it will be quite similar to the S2000 concept. Also, the new probable NSX as far as the details go will be similar to the launch. The car is also expected to be a mid-engine. Even though the concept didn’t have a roof, but to allow it to keep its weight down. The production car will most likely have a soft-top.

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Engine and Other Specifications

2016 Honda S660 - Rear View

Honda S660 2016 – Rear View

The new 2016 Honda S660 is officially designed as a kei car. To elaborate, it weights just under 70 kgs and is powered by a sub 660cc engine. This information is only true for Japan. We cannot say anything certain about the rest of the world. The funky looking car’s concept was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. After the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda amazingly completed its mass production within two years. This is new for Honda as well. 2016 Honda S660 was given a great response after its concept was revealed by the public. This shows that the car has high chances of being accepted at a large scale.

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Price and Release Date of Honda S660

In Japan, the starting price for a Honda S660 with the six-speed manual is 1,980,000. But, the price hasn’t been officially announced for other countries yet. Though the market expects it to come at just over 20.000 dollars for the base International model. And the prices even might fluctuate a little. Mostly to the upper side as more safety features means a rise in the cost. The weight will also tend to increase due to more safety measures.

2016 Honda S660

Honda S660 2016

2016 Honda S660 release date however has been announced and it is going to launch in the last quarter of 2015. The Miata and the new Mini Cabriolet will be competing with it. There is no doubt though that these two are more powerful than the S660. Both of them will weigh quite a bit more and performance wise also the car is virtually identical. Honda expertise’s in making such cars as they have been making them over 40 years.

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Style and Performance: Honda S660 2016: Video

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