2016 Honda FCV

There has been reported a 2016 Honda FCV which is by all account the generation model of the FCX, a test energy constituent auto which Honda discharge a couple of years previous. Honda has been exploring diverse avenues concerning hydrogen controlled vehicle since the late ’90s, so their scheme is truly progressive in this field.

Honda FCV 2016

Honda FCV 2016

Exterior and Interior Changes

Honda even said that it is in fact based on that of the Civic but enhanced equipped than the latter. It would feature as ordinary dual zone automatic weather control, a 10 or 12 inch screen for the satellite steering system which would as well act as both the infotainment scheme and the management screen for most of the vehicle’s functions for example the air conditioning or else the seat heating. The back seating will get an elective infotainment system with two 7 inch screen. The general design would be very similar to the Civic however the 2016 Honda FCV will get a more imposing design of the dashboard.

Honda FCV 2016 - Interior

Honda FCV 2016 – Interior

On the exterior though, the auto is going to be approximately identical to the old FCX concept which was released rear in 2008, with insistent lines and a very innovative design. It would sit on 17 inch alloy wheel with low rolling resistance tire. Both in the front as well as at the back it would feature LED lights which not merely make it look good but in addition permit the car to conserve energy.

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Engine and Mileage Specs

Honda FCV 2016 - Charging

Honda FCV 2016 – Charging

Under the hood the new Honda FCV 2016 would get a 100 kW electric motor which is excellent for a bit more than 200 lb-ft of torque. This will be fueled by electricity through a hydrogen generator which make as exhaust merely around 100 ml of fresh water.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Honda FCV

The release date is most probable going to be in the late 2015 as Honda still has a small number of things to conclude on the car. The price for the car has not been announced just so far but they might sell it for about $50.000 to $70.000

Honda FCV 2016 - Rear View

Honda FCV 2016 – Rear View

Honda has been researching with hydrogen powered vehicle since the late ’90s, so their agenda is quite advanced in this turf. There has been declared a 2016 Honda FCV which seems to be the manufacture model of the FCX, an investigational fuel cell automobile which Honda released a few years ago.

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Eco Friendly Honda FCV 2016: Video

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