2015 Honda NSX – Engine And More Information

2015 Honda NSX has been successfully tested and presented in the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The automaker is certainly keen on gaining confidence of people after NSX’s prototype suffered complete destruction while test driving in Nurburgring, Germany, last year.

2015 Honda NSX

2015 Honda NSX

Exterior and Interior

The 2015 NSX scores high on its show-stealing appearance. It could be compared to the 2005 Acura, as it seems to have some resemblance with the latter. Dimension wise, 2015 NSX is shorter by 3.7 inches but has 1.8 inches larger wheelbase. With no overhangs, the car looks compact. It is also wider than the Acura by 3.3 inches and has a lower stance by 0.4 inches. The headlights will definitely be LED. For improved weight distribution, the fuel tank will be placed in front of the engine. Honda design chief mentioned that the dimensions are just preliminary and may undergo change if that promises better speed. The overall building of the NSX will take place in Ohio.

2015 - Honda NSX Interior

2015 – Honda NSX Interior

The cockpit focuses on providing complete coziness to the driver. There will be bucket seats for premium comfort as well as the dashboard will have controls for navigation and determining information about the car. What trims and colors will be available, they are yet to be declared by the carmaker.

Rear View of  Honda NSX - 2015

Rear View of Honda NSX – 2015

Engine and Mileage

Its under-hood features clearly signify how the NSX will promise immense speed. It will have a V-6 engine mid-mounted with 7-speed transmission. The rear and front wheels will be supported by one and two electric motors respectively. It will help the NSX turn corners smartly and drive through congested parking lots. Being mounted in the middle, the engine facilitates even distribution of weight throughout the car. It does not only support fantastic speed but also promises considerable performance. There will also be hybrid version available called Sports Hybrid AWD with V-8 engine focused on providing high level of fuel saving. The MPGs of the engines have not been declared.

2015 Honda - NSX Engine

2015 Honda – NSX Engine

2015 Honda NSX Price and Release Data

Its price has not been officially announced. Nevertheless, its base price is expected to be close to $130,000. The NSX is not slated to arrive earlier than late 2016.

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Erstwhile Honda’s CEO Takanobu Ito promised that the 2015 NSX will not feel robotic at all. It aims at changing the common conception that sporty cars are difficult to handle. Rather, the 2015 Honda NSX will be intuitive and will allow the driver to customize his ride on many levels.

2015 – Honda NSX Video

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