2015 Honda FCEV – Engine and Mileage Specification

Honda is launching a new 2015 Honda FCEV. Its a new generation car with stable engine output and great aerodynamic performance. The FCEV car has a unique exterior body shape made from new designs and machineries. Drivers who ride the car can obtain more benefits from the useful interior features. The car will be equipped with hydrogen engine that produces greater power.

Honda FCEV 2015

Honda FCEV 2015

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of FCEV will look little odd than other models. The outer body will have a massive front with long nail. The chassis comes with lots of tunnel air and elongated air lines. It has a five door, newly designed grille, headlights, fog lights and taillights. It has a very sharp lines and large spoiler which provides extension to rear window and roof. You can find a xenon installation made in the LED headlights of the car.

Honda FCEV 2015  Interior

Honda FCEV 2015 Interior

Inside the car, it will have a 2 door elongated body along with clear curves and great features. The car has spacious room to accommodate up to 4 people in front and 2 people at back seat. The interior features includes climate control system, satellite navigation system with two screen, one for instrument cluster, one for satellite navigation and infotainment system. You will be availed with good audio system, FM/AM radio, comfortable lighting, air conditioning, and CD player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It includes security features like alarm, keyless entry, traction control and security system etc.

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Engine and Mileage

Honda FCEV 2015  Side View

Honda FCEV 2015 Side View

The FCEV car will be powered by a battery pack, electric motor and a hydrogen fuel cell. The battery pack of the car is 30% lighter. The hydrogen fuel cell is 60% more dense, it allows 100 liters hydrogen to produce up to 100 KW of electricity. It has the capacity to go up to 300 miles with single fuel tank. The engine will be mated with CVT (continuously variable transmission) to deliver its bets fuel efficiency. The FCEV car will generate 70MPa of pressure for every three minutes on single charge.

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2015 Honda FCEV – Price and Release Data

Honda FCEV 2015 Rear View

Honda FCEV 2015 Rear View

The price for FCEV car will be announced closer to release by the carmaker. The FCEV car will reach the US showroom in the beginning months of 2015.

People who are seeking for a car with distinctive specifications and cool features can look for 2015 Honda FCEV. The FCEV car lets you gain higher hydrogen power while you drive it. The engine options available in the car will help to generate best engine performance.

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Video: Next Gen Eco Car – Honda FCEV

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