2015 Honda Element

If you are expecting something amazing from Honda in 2015, then your prayer is replied with the release of 2015 Honda Element. The genuine surprise might come from Japanese carmaker if Honda launches its Element, after 4 years of break. Last model was launch in 2011, and since then there were no rumor that this model might re-appear. However, these days we could hear louder and louder that next year might bring 2015 Element, new car from this company.

2015 - Honda Element

2015 – Honda Element

Exterior and Interior

The interior of 2015 Honda Element would offer with enjoyable sounding cabin. With this big cabin, people could save more items within the car and populace can still sit at ease. For the entertainment aspect, this car would use Satellite Radio, GPS, MP3, Bluetooth hookup, and stereo sound.

2015 - Honda Element Interior

2015 – Honda Element Interior

For the security scheme, this car is using backview camera, LCD screen, as well as all-in-one lock system. The exterior of this auto is ideal for family car. The bumper is enclosed with black plastic as well as the hoods are fashionable. The wheel base of this auto is using 17 inches alloy wheel.

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Engine and Mileage of 2015 Honda Element

2015 - Honda Element Engine

2015 – Honda Element Engine

Under the hood of the 2015 Element could be located good old 2.4-l four-cylinder V-TEC from preceding model, with many alteration and large tuning. We presume that SUV would keep its performance with about 150 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque. Though, it is not possible for this model to acquire several boost. These are not huge performance numbers; however this is major family vehicle.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Honda Element

We are still not certain while 2015 Honda Element might be out. From rumors as well as leaked information, we heard date is set anywhere in February, however there are few more things to be set. Price is predictable and expert say all fans must prepare among $30.000 and $33.000 for base model. Higher end vehicle cost more.

2015 - Honda Element Rear View

2015 – Honda Element Rear View

It will get new look, will be refreshed, as well as probably, this might cause good reception amongst enthusiasts. However, after many years, we could only guess what Honda is going to do with this car, which power train would be under its hood and how diverse it would look like. The car is said as amazing ride that will astonish any passengers who walk pass by the car. There are many grand features that are already definite to be given to this 2015 Honda Element.

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Comfortable and Spacious: Honda Element: Video

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